All contents © TechQuarters Ltd., all rights reserved. The cost of Citrix vs Windows Virtual Desktop is probably one of the biggest differences (and pluses) in favour of WVD. Citrix Profile Management can be configured via Citrix WEM. FSLogix was the number one solution for roaming Office 365 settings in non-persistent desktops BEFORE it was acquired, so it gives Microsoft a leg up for WVD. Eliminate the headache of maintaining and migrating desktop environments with an ‘on-demand’. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is ranked 1st in Virtual Desktop with 17 reviews while Citrix Workspace is ranked 6th in Virtual Desktop with 5 reviews. Another great feature in WVD is the Windows 10 EVD which is a multi-user Windows 10 desktop! Therefore, we’ve decided to take a look at Citrix vs Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with a focus on SMB’s and see which one comes out on top. With Windows Virtual Desktop, they see the same Windows 10 desktop. There’s been a three-fold increase in usage of WVD. Therefore, when it comes to Citrix vs Windows Virtual Desktop we do think WVD comes out on top for SMB’s, but if you do already have Citrix and are looking to utilise some Windows Virtual Desktop as well – a combination or layering is definitely an option too. Unlike, Microsoft’s previous foray into the application and desktop … If you look at that and account for the fact you get Azure Active Directory, MFA, Azure Monitor etc. While there is no PVS, MCS is available and works just like when it’s on-prem. If I posted this a few weeks ago, I would have told you WVD doesn’t have much in the way of management features. Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop is an exciting new platform that gives you Azure-hosted virtual apps and desktops, improved scalability and application compatibility of the new multiuser Windows 10, and simplified licensing for remote access. If you would like to keep the user load running on-premises and publish some apps or desktops directly from Citrix Cloud, you can do that. You can set access criteria and achieve context-based app access with Citrix Cloud. If you enjoyed our quick videos on Citrix vs Windows Virtual Desktop, we have a whole playlist available on YouTube. As always, it depends. There have been plenty of great research papers published showing that the current RDP protocol is very close to Citrix’s HDX protocol. The top reviewer of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops … That said, there are a lot of unknowns about its future and how it will impact Citrix in the desktop … Citrix rep tells me its not the same thing, but I feel as if he is trying to hide something. The Evergreen Platform Bake-Off – Automated Testing for Windows. Comparing the two could make for an interesting article! With Microsoft Windows Virtual desktop, IT administrators can centrally administer the infrastructure from the cloud. This really helps from a usability perspective as it is very familiar to those already aware of Windows 10. Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Virtual Desktop on 30th Sept 2019. So, as you can see there are a lot of benefits to Windows Virtual Desktop especially in the small to medium sized business arena. Right now, it doesn’t have a whole lot, but it does make creating pools and publishing your resources a little more straight forward. Complete your Windows 10 migrations faster with our on-demand application packaging service! Most organisations who can afford to run Citrix most likely also own FSLogix through their Microsoft licensing BUT FSLogix is rolled in and ready to use in WVD. Before rolling out either … For the same sized business, 50 users, using Windows Virtual Desktop instead you’ll need an Azure subscription (as this is where WVD is hosted), fewer days of consultancy (we estimate around 4-5) and Microsoft 365 licensing. For 100 multi-session … To use VDI with Citrix, you need to purchase Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop … I recently had a discussion with Claudio Rodrigues (Ex-Microsoft MVP/Citrix CTP) who’s coming up with his own solution for making WVD a little more hybrid. If you’d like some more information on Windows Virtual Desktop , please get in contact at the details below. At the moment, you require a couple of Citrix Cloud Connector servers set up in your farm to allow the cross-talk between on-prem and cloud to occur. The tech is already there to allow it, and for most, there hasn’t been a significant drop in productivity. Open Virtual Desktop Enterprise includes business hours support. However, as we mentioned sometimes it isn’t even a case of one or the other, as you can actually use Citrix Cloud on top of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, if Citrix is something you want to keep. Citrix Cloud vs. Windows Virtual Desktop. In my opinion, there’s been a profound shift for most organisations with office workers to a future ‘Work from Home’ strategy. Citrix has built in integration with App-V. Fortunately, Microsoft just launched a Management Console. Citrix… What this really means is VDI is built around the Windows Client Operating System, Windows 10. Overview. With Citrix Cloud, you get the Analytics that can highlight bad actors trying to access your environment and behaviour or access anomalies. It IS a modern Microsoft Remote Desktop Azure-based infrastructure service that you can use for publishing multi-user Windows 10 desktops, single-user personal virtual desktops and even publish applications. It could be positive depending on your perspective. Rory is a man of many talents. As I said, you can also get AppLocker in use with Citrix Cloud plus get PolicyPak in play here too to leverage Least Privilege Manager. You can run it on-premises with Azure Stack, but as of now, I’m not aware of a hybrid configuration. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is rated 8.8, while Citrix Workspace is rated 8.4. Trentent and I covered this in a previous blog post and why that’s awesome. Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop provides an easy path to modernize your environment and reduce data center spending. Citrix is an approved provider that offers enterprises centralized hybrid management of virtual apps and desktops … From Citrix control plane, it is possible to construct multiple user catalogs and delivery groups on Azure. And because that relies on utilizing your existing hardware resources, and making those available as a part of your Citrix … VDI stands for virtual desktop infrastructure. You’ll also need Office Pro Plus, hardware and ongoing specialist support services for a Citrix environment. Citrix has a lot of advanced features that, of course, cost to implement and maintain. Recently, Tom Hickling of Microsoft took part in the Irish CUGC and talked even further about what value Citrix adds to WVD which covers even more than I mentioned when dissecting different layers. It’s the on-premises tooling shifted to the cloud, which can make for a less than optimal management experience at times. The benefits and gains of such a strategy are clear to see. Citrix Cloud or WVD? As a result, customers can combine Windows 10 Enterprise Virtual Desktop in Citrix … Unfortunately, for those already running user loads in their own cloud tenants, Citrix has started to apply a little pressure. I just add my agents and enable the App-V feature. In some cases they’ve even been running the user load up there, which can be quite costly, but with some cool benefits. Examples of False Promises from IT Support Engineers. You can even layer Citrix on top of Windows Virtual Desktop, for an extra fee, if your organisation did want to continue with some Citrix capabilities but also WVD. There are some great benefits to WVD. At this point you are thinking, of course I want my users on Windows 10, not Windows … RDS is built around the Windows Server Operating System. (PVS is Citrix’s best product, in my opinion). While Azure provides you with Azure Analytics and Monitoring and the impressive Sentinel product for the depth included with Citrix policies, Secure Browser and client side security. The cost is a lot lower and implementation a lot easier and simpler. However, for the sake of comparison, I’m only going to consider the features at the management and UX delivery layer rather than the platform layer, so with Citrix Cloud, you get a lot of great tools and features for managing the desktops, apps and for providing a rich experience on the client side. Microsoft brought Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) to the market last year and has seen Azure consumption grow significantly during these trying times. For those who want to run a user load in the cloud, they’ll need to use Citrix Cloud OR stay on the Long Term Service Release version 1912 to keep a user load running on their existing tenants, which will mean they won’t get new features as they come out, only fixes. In a way, those who were already Citrix customers were the lucky ones. Multi-award winning cloud consultants, helping to enhance your organisation with Microsoft cloud solutions, training and support with solutions for: If there is a way to help you save money and get more benefit from technology, we are here to help. For now, Windows Virtual Desktop only runs in Azure. Citrix Workspace app is an easy-to-install client application that provides secure and seamless access to your apps, files, and desktops. Microsoft customers with WVD also own Office 365 and FSLogix, which is a pretty solid foundation to build on. They can access the WVD infrastructure up in Microsoft Azure and administer all of the users from their own machines, so no need to visit a data centre or server room. I would advise anyone setting up from scratch to NOT roll their own with version 1912. With regards to system requirements, Open Virtual Desktop Enterprise is available as SaaS, Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android software. An estimate for this scenario is about £30,000 per annum – so a lot of cost savings to be made. Yes, these solutions are similar. That’s an important point. In the midst of a pandemic projected to cause an economic depression, Citrix saw a 20% increase in revenue last quarter. Numecent Cloudpaging is much better than App-V, and they are a WVD partner, I suggest using that for your app delivery needs. Cloudalize Desktop-as-a-Service. What is the new style of IT Support for 2021? This proof of concept (PoC) guide is designed to help you quickly configure Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service with Windows Virtual Desktop … It’s also worth noting that you could also use AppLocker and even enable it through WEM if you like. There will be others who need and want the entire awesome feature set that Citrix brings. RemoteFX Adaptive Graphic vs. Citrix HDX. Wherever you are on your cloud desktop journey, the Citrix vs. RDS question is bound to come up—and for good reason. In my experience, while Citrix is very widely used in the enterprise, the remote work strategies of most organisations have relegated it to use for consuming the published resources internally on the corporate network from a traditional workstation in the office – remote access was secondary. Even if not replace, … While in Windows … It’s the on-premises tooling shifted to the cloud, which can make for a less than optimal management experience at times. by Elly Smith | Jun 18, 2020 | Citrix, Remote working, Windows Virtual Desktop. TechQuarters Ltd. © Copyright 2020 Algiz Technology Limited |. We've been able to scale the environment quite nicely by using the Citrix Remote PC. Many small and mid-sized businesses are already familiar with using Remote Desktop or similar (e.g. Getting left behind due to lack of proactive IT advice? It is possible to present a Windows 10 desktop with Citrix, but there are going to be extra costs to this. The Remote Desktop Client on the client-side is not as rich of an experience as using Citrix Workspace with the Workspace App. What are Callouts in an IT Support Service. Citrix Cloud is pretty stacked when it comes to security features. Microsoft has the benefit of owning its own cloud platform with Azure. BUT others with experience of managing Citrix farms will have the benefit of a pretty familiar admin experience. Citrix Workspace app allows you access from various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and Windows … it’s pretty good. I put the App-V Scheduler agent and App-V client in the desktop image, and that delivers the rest of the apps. Please read our Website Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. You were left to your own devices using existing Azure menus and services. Citrix WEM is available, as are a slew of other options, such as some advanced analytics, ADM for more analytics and monitoring capabilities, Mobile Device Management and more. The ability to quickly get set up and running in the cloud for such a solution should prove pretty enticing, right? IT and security teams often rely on either Windows Virtual Desktop or Citrix to get a fully personalized desktop experience. Citrix and Microsoft have actually worked together on marketing Citrix Managed Desktops which can work with WVD – essentially allowing you to use some of Citrix’s tooling to better manage your WVD resources like the application delivery and presentation layer. I could give them the win for that reason, but here I’m going to say it’s a DRAW. It is free to download and use. Terms and Conditions of Business. Access Windows 10 desktop and applications from anywhere, on any device. One of the criticisms some have made about Citrix Cloud is that it wasn’t built cloud-first. It would be awesome if there was a good solution for managing application delivery to the desktops in WVD, but right now there isn’t. It can be a building block or even a foundation for vendors like Citrix … However not all businesses, especially those on the smaller end, need these features or want to pay for them. Cloudalize Desktop-as-a-Service See details. When using WVD with CloudJumper’s product, there are some nice built-in management features that provide security like managing AppLocker policies. Regardless of your device type (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or any other device with an HTML5 web client) bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and remote connect to your enterprise experience with Windows Virtual Desktop. Citrix. There isn’t much of a learning curve. Windows Virtual Desktop – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. But they're not identical. Anecdotally, I have heard from friends and former colleagues about how they’ve adapted to enable their workforce to work remotely. Citrix offers centralized enterprise management tools that let you harness the power of Windows Virtual Desktop workloads side-by-side with existing on-premises, or cloud-hosted Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments. All the Microsoft 365 applications, Office, any company applications, the security, and the profile for each user can be managed from one platform. I will say when launching applications through Citrix Workspaces, particularly when they’re apps published running in Citrix Cloud, the launch times are noticeably much worse than your traditional launches of on-prem resources. This article lists approved partner providers and independent software vendors for Windows Virtual Desktop. For now, Windows Virtual Desktop only runs in Azure… With Citrix on premise the user is presented with a Windows Server OS, which will look very different for those who are switching over from a Windows 10 operating system. He’s bringing his images from on-prem up to the cloud, which is something Citrix App Layering can also help you achieve. I can recall early on RDmi’s value proposition (predating the name WVD) was to become a building block for other vendors like Citrix. Publishing applications and desktops are just as simple in the cloud. If you throw in some PolicyPak (a WVD partner) goodness, you can get that sucker really secure with the Least Privilege Manager feature. Citrix requires several on premise servers to be built first, then get Windows Server operating system, the Windows RDS cals, layer Citrix on top of that and then consultancy to set it all up. I didn’t take out a stopwatch, but while WVD launches are slow too, they didn’t seem to me to be as slow as with Citrix Cloud. What the user see’s with Citrix vs Windows Virtual Desktop is quite different. As of writing, there is also support for optimised delivery of Zoom, Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber and Teams. Registered office: Palladium House, 1-4 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7LD, Regional TechQuarters offices: Manchester Birmingham BelfastLondon Bridge Greek Street. WVD was designed as a low-cost solution for smaller businesses. In recent years, most organisations I have worked with have opened up to the possibility of leveraging the cloud but mostly in a hybrid configuration. I don’t have much of a head for the cost and business end of things but consuming WVD and using some of the Citrix products to improve the UX may make financial sense in the long run too. Sadly, Microsoft is moving away from App-V so I couldn’t in good conscience recommend customers who are going to WVD to use App-V right now. Together, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Managed Desktops and Windows Virtual Desktops will provide a complete and seamless way for customers to run all their application workloads on Azure and access Windows … While Citrix pretty much runs away with this from a feature comparison standpoint, I believe Microsoft is not necessarily trying to compete too aggressively, at least not yet. With the release of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop version 2003, Citrix announced the deprecation of support for public clouds. In fact, if you’re a Citrix customer, you have likely already had a salesperson try to incentivise you away from a traditional perpetual on-premises based Citrix license to a Citrix Cloud based subscription license. They already had a tried and tested mature solution at the ready. For those who already have a user load running in say AWS today, I don’t think there’s a pressing need to rush off of that setup just yet. "Citrix is taking Windows Virtual Desktop to a whole new level. Some organisations have been consuming Citrix products in a hybrid configuration with their own AWS, Azure or GCP tenants. One of the biggest differences between Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop is cost. Some alternative products to Open Virtual Desktop Enterprise include Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops… Citrix has added multi-user Windows 10 Enterprise Virtual Desktops (EVD) to its operating system (OS). From a protocol level, they should be neck and neck, but in my experience, the display with Citrix is richer, and it seems to handle disconnects more gracefully when they do occur. Is it possible (or easy) to replace Citrix with WVD? That may come later in the form of MSIX App Attach. [Product Comparison], Remember The Centaurus Trust this Christmas. If you’d like a more in-depth breakdown of the steps and costings mentioned above, watch the below video. RemoteFX does not replace the RDP protocol butis an extension. The difference is you aren’t accessing the Console from an install on your workstation, jump server or Delivery Controller. They also support Citrix so it would work there too. We’ve been talking a lot about Windows Virtual Desktop recently, mainly singing its praises. So that’s not something WVD has over Citrix Cloud. VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and RDS stands for Remote Desktop Session Hosts. Together with robust Citrix management tools, administrators can take advantage of Windows Virtual Desktop including the new multi-session Windows 10 capabilities, extended support for desktop operating systems, and optimizations for Office 365 Pro Plus, while providing the best end-user experience through Citrix … Citrix has a lot of advanced features that, of course, cost to implement and … It could be positive depending on your perspective. Be amongst the first to know when we publish FREE guides and tools. If I were writing this blog post a few weeks ago, I would have pointed out the flexibility for Citrix customers to run the products on any cloud platform they prefer vs Windows Virtual Desktop which is only supported on Azure. Looking ahead, there won’t be an option to run a user load on your existing public cloud tenant of choice with the current release of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is available as a tech preview for a few months now, and remains a hot topic within the EUC community.The reception of WVD was overwhelming and many experts are excited about this new solution. Possibly in a way that would allow you to continue completely on-premises for now with a view to transition to Citrix Cloud in the future. How is Windows Virtual Desktop vs Citrix? For the users, this … I am essentially keeping a pretty small image. 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