It's easy to separate the cans from the head band. Heat gun or hair dryer to soften glue Did you make this project? The aluminum encasing the wooden sleeves is said to impart the tonality of wood, but in a more restrained fashion, rending the effect of a more "polite" and refined sound. Moon Audio offers DIY parts, one-click bundles, and hardwired hacks. Slip-ons: these are designed to replace the outer plastic shell (not the plastic inner sleeve). The RS2e is also being noted as sounding markedly better than its predecessor, the RS2i. Complaints regarding comfort were numerous. This project came together quite nicely and only took a couple of evenings to get most of it done. Only widen the sides that will align with the Sennheiser shafts. They are extremely durable though, and more exotic looking. I already know how the headphone mod turned out :). Blu-tack/Dynamat/Sorbothane: placing a small pea sized amount of dynamat on the back of the drivers, avoiding covering the vent holes, is suggested to try and tame some of the resonances in the metal plate covering the back of the driver. Carry. Also, It has been mentioned that the soldering pads on the drivers of the SR-60i's seem to be less prone to detaching during soldering for re-cables compared to the SR-60's. I am starting this thread in hope that someone (anyone) could answer... Ok, here it is. You must clean it up with some sand paper. The pads inside the ear cups are breathable. L-Cush: these come on all SR series headphones from the SR225 up, all the RS series headphones and the PS500. This was extremely difficult for me. Don't sand it off. Use the next size bit and so on till you get to your final bit. The plastic is thick and holding a soldering iron under it took too long so I used a lighter. I really only took some pictures so I would remember how some of the pieces looked before I made major changes. If my 325is had 50% more bass and a less fatiguing mid - highs, they'd be perfect. They are incredibly durable and improve both the comfort and appearance of your Grado headphones. Share it with us! Wood Cups. Once you are done be sure and fit the Sennheiser shafts in place to make sure it fits. Browse Audio. Ok, now we need to measure the width of the shaft so it can fit on the aluminum can. Don't worry if the both shafts don't match up to fit in the can at the same time. wire cutter/stripper I have had the Sennheiser HD-570 for years and have never liked the sound but have always found it extremely comfortable so why not merge them together and have the best of both worlds. Quantity: Description: Κείμενο Epsilon R1 Headphones Drivers. Thanks to the even weight distribution afforded by the thin headband, the supra aural design doesn’t cause discomfort during normal periods of wear. Price: 149 GBP . Follow the tutorial for opening up your headphones, replace the plastic outer cup with your wooden ones, close everything up again and enjoy. So I bought a pair cheap chinese OEM headphones, took those apart, twisted the arms around a bit and attached the cups. Now the screen is bare metal and I like the look of it. Listen carefully. GRADO SR1i Over Ear Headphones Working Properly Free Shipping (d1881. Mods SHP9500 Adapter Rings SHP9500 3D Cups Sennheiser Earpad Adapters Stax Earpad Adapter AKG KXXX Adapter HD700 Mod T50RP Balanced Conversion; Accessories Grado Leather Headband Fostex Suspension Strap; Speakers Mini Cubes; NEWS; FAQ; CONTACT I used the dremel to remove some of the plastic and then finished it up with the Xacto blade. This is a nice piece of aluminum so you don't want to mess up. 8 years ago We just want to be sure the shafts will be able to fit easily and not bind. I did a similar thing with my Sennheiser 428s. To check out all previous Picture Sunday Posts clickHERE. TTVJ Flats: these are made specifically by TTVJ. Grado has changed their driver design over the years. If yours is too wide like mine you'll need to melt one side to bring it in to fit. They can also be Quarter-modded. on Introduction. They are a refinement of the original TTVJ Flat that appears the same, but is stated to give tighter bass and more refined highs. Original Grado GS2000e GS3000e 44mm Driver Units, 1 Pair/2 Pcs Sale! 8 years ago Open up your Grados as per the tutorial referenced above. Only needed about an 1/8 of an inch or so. Just use more heat if it cools down to quickly. Let me start with the things you will need: Now when I actually finished everything and hot glued it all up and thought I was done. The "i" classification: the 'i" Grado's are similar to their predecessors. That sure made wearing these headphones much better. if you "de-stress" and dynamat the sr60 drivers you then have rs1 drivers! The ControlTalk cable looks interesting but I don't think you can buy it separately. If you wish to reverse the hole punch mods, muslin is a good cloth of choice to cover up the holes. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. These are the most commonly used. Make Offer - Grado SR125 Headband Headphones - Black. Customize Grado Ear Pads and Headbands with Beautiful Audio While Grado’s wooden open-back ear cup, leather headband, and slim metal extenders are a signature of their brand, New Zealand’s Beautiful Audio company wants to give customers the opportunity to truly make the headphones all theirr own. I would look into a ControlTalk cable like what comes with Beats headphones. Go ahead and insert the screen in the position you want it in then hot glue on top and slide the plastic ring on top of it. I completely agree with you about having the wire only on one side. Look at the back of the driver with the ear-side (with the white gauze on it) facing a light source. Gently pry the ear pads off the Sennheiser HD 570. Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 32Ω bass reduction mod, Dekoni Audio Sennheiser HD600 Pad Frequency Analysis, Sennheiser HD800 Dekoni Audio Ear Pad Frequency Analysis, Superlux HD661 Anti-Sibilance and Comfort Mod. I really didn't plan this to be an Instructable. Remember to cut away from yourself. Wrist Rests. Description Introduction This is a DIY kit fully compatible with Grado Alessandro Music Pro series. Choose a drill bit that is the same width or slightly larger. When I started listening to it again it really felt too tight so I heated up the plastic where it is adjustable and stretched it out a bit on both sides to make it even. The metal inside the headband is quite ductile and easy enough to bend to get the best fit. Full Cups: these require full liberation of the driver from its plastic housing. Grado brand G cush (pretty expensive) don’t change the sound signature much if at all. (hope I got that all right). The weaker sounding one is the one we need to switch the wires on. X-ACTO knife or razor blade Replacement Ear cushions. Only use it sparingly. I went ahead and removed the SR 325 buttons on the screen. As with all Grado headphones, the included earpads are easy to replace and expanding the headband requires minimal effort. Don't make it deeper than it already is. Lets hope you won't need them. "Hole Punch" mod: generally only suggested if you have plastic cups and you are looking for more low end response. Some may question why I would remove the Grado wiring to something much thinner. Be sure to make the cut smaller than the can so they fit snug. So a half moded PS500 will do for me now. Well the Grado headband was wearing out and never has fit well on my head. Leave intact. it's just a shame the i grados cripple ya ears because they are probably the best choice of headphones for an ipod..they sound as good as an expensive pair of shure headphones they bring a ipod to life with real hifi sound or you could always get the sr60i for indoors use they leak sound a bit..the klipsch image s4is don't sound very good with an iphone they sound better with a sanza clip.. i have the ps1000s so i don't need to mod anthing they sound very good out the box.. but thanks for the graph looks like there is nothing between them sound wise.. Hopefully it will turn out good - The Instructable I mean. The perfectly rounded ear-cups have large foam ear pads … The sound chambers in the cups all remain the same size, but the drivers have all been upgraded. Lets move on to the Grado. Hot glue gun Machined Aluminum shell NdFeb Magnet 0.94T Heat Treated Multilayer Diaphragm HP Copper Voice Coil Impedance: 32 Ohms Efficiency: 105db/1mW Frequency Response: 18Hz - … I did use a screw driver to lightly scrape around the corners while the aluminum was hot. 220 grit sandpaper Linkidea Headphones Case for Grado SR80 SR80e SR80i SR60 SR60i SR60e, Grado RS2 RS1 RS2i RS1i RS2e RS1e SR125 SR225 SR325 PS500 Case/Headset Travel Bag with Space for Cable, Charger, Parts (Black) 4.3 out of 5 stars 33 Bummer I know, but to … On the left side you must also enlarge for the stereo plug to fit. More can be found on tonewoods. The SR60s have a flexible, soft vinyl headband. I used a drill press so that made it much easier for me. What an illuminating graph! Leather headbands, built to last. Phillips head screw driver Just remove the plastic end cap on the antenna thing and slide them off. You should have also removed the ear pad. Grado SR325e-These headphones have good sound production and are excellent for everyday use. Now both earpieces should be removed from the HD-570. Leather Headbands. The leather band, which seems to be slightly wider than the stock one, makes the headphones more comfortable. It is much easier to poke holes than cover them up so take your time and make sure you want to punch the holes. The long-awaited Frequency Comparison charts for the... Dekoni Audio Sennheiser HD800 Ear Pad Frequency Extravaganza!! Make sure you heat the aluminum and just hot enough to soften the glue to ease the plastic ring, screen, and the main head phone driver. The SR-80 used to come with L-Cush pads, as used on higher models, but the new SR-80i uses the same S-Cush "comfies" as the SR-60 & SR-60i. Very small flat head screw driver For phono cartridges we sell replacement styli for the Prestige Series. Soldering iron and solder We have to heat the earpiece to soften the glue that is holding the plastic parts which also contain the driver (speaker). I put marks on the picture that you need to measure between since this is the area where the Grado aluminum cans will rest on. Now the stereo plug needs to fit in the original slot that the Grado wires came out of on the left aluminum can. Whether you want a DIY or hassle-free upgrade, we're here to help. Basically I'm using my Grado SR-325 and modifying it to fit another headphone band, the Sennheiser HD-570. Earzonk branded G cush (half the price of Grado branded) add more bass but keeps the overall quality and control. Mods SHP9500 Adapter Rings SHP9500 3D Cups Sennheiser Earpad Adapters Stax Earpad Adapter AKG KXXX Adapter HD700 Mod T50RP Balanced Conversion; Accessories Grado Leather Headband Fostex Suspension Strap; Speakers Mini Cubes; B-stock Headphones DACs Accessories; News; FAQ; Contact Also I would constantly have to readjust the fit every time I put the headphones on. S-Cush: these are the stock pads that come on the SR80, SR60 and the SR125. Headphone Driver. Now just let it cool down and use a wire brush to clean it off. The model number of the pads is H-19545. Next just spread the plastic bracket that is around the metal can and slide them off. Still finding the holy grail for the Magnum build. That was very hard to get all that glue off the screen. I just cut it to size and popped off the plastic end cap and slipped them on the little antenna looking things. Unplug it and remove the ear piece from where it swivels. I'm astonished to see the bottom-of-the-line SR60 has the most neutral frequency response! It didn't take much. They bring up the bass nicely but also impart a warmer sound signature until you "quarter mod" them by cutting a disc of material out of their center, rendering them similar in effect to the TTVJ Flats. Don't go crazy with the hot glue. Grado SR225e - This headphone is lightweight with retro design. This week’s picture Sunday features Beautiful Audio’s Grado headband and earpad mods.This is a bit of a different Picture Sunday. First of all - sorry about the bits that aren't in focus and my hand getting in the way. I can put more padding if needed, for example if the headband is bigger than one’s head, or … It’s a praise column… $1000-$5000 , Budget , Full Size , … Now all you do is put them on backwards. (And MUCH more bass response than any of its cousins. The left side will have the stereo plug. Tonewood Driver Housings. It is also so flimsy. Grado SR-325 Mod Using the Sennheiser HD-570 Headband: Basically I'm using my Grado SR-325 and modifying it to fit another headphone band, the Sennheiser HD-570. You just cut a smaller hole than the earpiece and put them on backwards. Actually it doesn't matter which one you use right or left because they are identical. Does anyone out there do hole-punch mods for people too scared to do it themselves? Darth Beyer V7 & V7-A Grado Mods Headphone Deals Headphone Stands Sennheiser Mods The Vixen V4 About Me Archived Photos ... Leather headbands now available (cover existing band as shown). I'll need to redo that in the future. Genuine Grado Accessories. Careful! Metal file and/or a dremel tool Gloves - a must when holding hot parts My ears can't tell the difference but the new modification fits my head better and I no longer have to constantly adjust it to fit properly. Recently the sound on the left side would cut out intermittently. They are intended as replacement parts for those still using the much revered HP series headphones by Joseph Grado. It doesn't? With the new headband, they look and feel much more sturdy. I will definitely try it out on my own headphones (with alternate brands of course, since I do not own either in the i'ble). But we are getting rid of them along with the head band for a much better design in my opinion. They are notably simpler with thinner cables and lower-profile cups. Also, (how) did you make those funky ear-cushions? These will fit HD580/600/650, but must be installed by me. Our Grado-style leather headbands are hand made from genuine bridle leather. Now mark the width of the shaft from the Sennheiser. The finished product. There should be some screws to remove using a Phillips head driver. The resulting sound is usually less influenced by the tone of the wood used in the cup and more influenced by the driver itself. on Introduction. Grado Leather Headband – Black. Having thinner walls can change tone, as well as the design of the area the pad will hook onto. Examples of this include subtle differences between the vinyl headband pads, different cable sheathing hardnesses, very rare examples of SR80 headphones with 1/4 inch instead of 1/8th inch plugs and even rarer examples of SR80 headphones made with metal mesh instead of the plastic used on the outside face of the cup. It is also so flimsy. Try and find a mono sound source or tone generator. Now to separate the driver from the can surround which is one of the hardest parts of this project. I have a pair of sr225e cans, which I love, but the plastic headband made them look (and kinda feel) like cheap junk. My first little mod came in the form of a piece of silicone tubing. I won't be showing how to do that as there are plenty of resources out there for that. The non-"i" and non-"e" original models: these were the original models released by John Grado. This Article discusses the differences between the various Grado pads... JavaScript is disabled. Some have gotten improved bass response on the L-Cush by covering their outside circumference with electrical tape. Do it very lightly because the wire is fragile. If you can't get it off just use a pair of pliers or you can slice it off with a box cutter or X-ACTO blade. Upgrade for Joseph Grado HP1000 . We need to remove the aluminum between the marks so the shaft can slide in. They tend to be more expensive as well. A good thread on cup design documenting, Aluminum: some have great success using a pair of SR325 headphones as their base model, and replacing the plastic inner sleeves with wooden ones (to mimic the design of the HF2 and the PS500). Probably due to the spinning of the earpiece over time. ---Ok lets get started --- Mods for your High End Grado including... HF-2, RS-1's & RS-2's, GS-Series, PS-Series, HP2 or HP-1000 drivered Joe Grado's. Almost done now. Time to use that heat gun. Early production runs had the driver protruding from the wooden cup slightly, bringing it closer to the ear. We strive to make the coolest audio and carry solutions. I added some silicone tubing to help fix that problem which you will see pictures of later. $ 138.00 $ 79.00 Add to cart EDL PS1000e Professional Over-Ear Open Back Headphone DIY Kit Sale! Yours may be different. I have to repair the wire anyway so I started thinking about modifying these headphones. ), This is missing the tape mod for extra bass.... its really cheap and kinda ruins the top end sound but its worth trying out if you have ever got time to waste. To remove the glue from the aluminum can just heat it again and then wipe off with a paper towel. I amnot responsible for you ruining an expensive pair of headphones. PLUSSOUND Handmade Leather Custom Grado Headband - Available in various styles - Works with sr125, sr225, sr325, sr1, ms1, etc plusSound. I'd love to see how you did it or see some pictures. You can find all about Silvian’s Grado pad and headband mods here:Beautiful Audio. The louder speaker is the correctly wired one. Get the highest-quality sound out of your Grado headphones with Dragon Audio Cable hacks. Also my headphones aren't really intended to be portable and I just have them plugged into my headphone amp. The headband wraps around the original Grado headband and it closes securely at both ends with magnets. … Choose between the Wide Tops or Triple Point woodies (some samples in pics below). Using a fingernail and X-acto blade help here. The notable difference is the larger sound-chamber and the larger diameter of the outside face of the cup, giving it a "mushroom" look. By far my favorite cable. It's extremely easy anyway. This Wiki page will provide links and other pertinent info for all the Grado/Alessandro mods discussed in the SR60-Mod, the SR60 Mod II and the Post Your Grado Mods threads. GRADO SR325e … I dont know why its not more popular. Update on my Grado SR80i's ---I'm trying the Headband cushion pad up-grade and the Grado L-Cush Lg. Its worth noting that all Grados now come with holes punched in the felt. I like the yellow color. You should see a small angled plug attached to the driver. The retro “80s headphones” design is the central theme around the Prestige Series which the Grado SR80e falls under. You should only punch hole one hole, re-assemble your headphones and test them out for a few days to be sure you are comfortable with the change in sound signature. So I thought I’ll take the weekend to make a more proper-looking wood chamber for my Grado. Beautifully done. No foam tape is needed, the driver seat is tight enough to take the driver alone, resulting in direct contact between the driver edges and the wooden cups. After we'll complete the Grado parts line-up, we want to focus on bigger cans, including Beyerdynamic, Fostex/Denon, Sennheiser and Hifiman. Keyboard Wrist Rest. G-Cush: these are the pads that come on the GS1000, PS1000 and GS2000. $830.00. It is imperative that all surfaces are smooth. If you use a hand drill it may be best to start with a smaller bit that is just slightly bigger than the original hole. All rights reserved. Now it fits just right. Reply Favorites among members are Walnut and Mahogany. The headband and earpeices are connected by metal height adjusters, which adjust the height of your head with the center of your ear. I got tired of the earpiece drooping down and not keeping the cans at ear level which meant I had to readjust the fit every time I put these headphones on. Classier too. I did this to show that you can improve headphones to suit your own needs and be a little stylish at the same time. If, however, you wear glasses as I do, you’ll experience moderate temple pain after just half an hour. Note the slightly brighter spots that indicate holes in the plastic underneath the felt that you see around the magnet. They fit the Grado quite well but they fit even better if you modify them. The headband arrived much earlier than expected. These have been noted to sound slightly different to stock Grados, exhibiting a slightly less harsh and forward sound signature. It offers plenty of comfort due to the 15mm very soft foam insert. Anyway, one evening I realized my Grado looks like dung. Used on other Grados though, they have the effect of bringing up the bass nicely without adversely affecting the highs and mids. this is really cool! They tend to increase soundstage, but weaken the bass. The ear-cushions are made for Sennheiser headphones but not for the model I had. Slide a small flat head in there to pry it off. You can see a tutorial on how to do this, Wood type used: denser woods tend to produce a more "neutral" and cold sound. I use them with an ipad going to a Fiio E17 (via USB). Sennheiser HD414 pads: Aside from being a brilliant shade of yellow, these are a nice substitute for the S-Cush if they can be had for less money. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Some of the oldest examples of these show variances between production runs occasionally. I used a 3/16 bit which was just slightly larger than my measurement. Attempt at your own risk. That will be covered in the next step. © 2001-2020 We need to make larger slots on the plastic driver casing. Make Offer - GRADO SR1i Over Ear Headphones Working Properly Free Shipping (d1881. Just know that the one you use will become the left side. Dynamat is typically the preferred material, but favorable results have been gotten with Blu-tack and Sorbothane. Some have made adapted pad lips that hold the larger, more comfortable Beyerdynamic pads designed for the DT770, DT880 and the DT990. And I'm happy to say that all of the above, improve the comfort level! Driver mounting method: some cups are made to accept a driver with a strip of adhesive foam wrapped around its perimeter. Conversely, some cups are made with a "press-fit" for the driver. Just use some 220 grit or finer sandpaper to shine the wire up. Remember how it all came out so you can assemble it back. You want it to fit snug and not loose. The screen is of high quality and thickness and can take the pressure of your thumb. They are an effective compromise between the soundstage you get with the G-Cush and the bass you get with the S-Cush. Now try and remove the plastic casing on the backside. Even heat is best so don't stay too long on one area. I prefer a headphone that has only one wire attached to one can so I really wanted to rewire it that way. Beautiful Audio’s Grado pads are game changers. Band aids... Oh wait, that was for me. The GS2000e was released roughly around the same time. Be sure you are prepared to ruin a perfectly nice pair of headphones before you attempt this. It was out of phase. Thanks. You must log in or register to reply here. Except I modded the Grados to be over-ear instead of on ear by taking the Grado drivers and throwing them inside the Sennheiser "cases". $50. You should cut the wire from the headphones just to get it out of the way. You have to remove a lot of nylon that is twisted around the wire. While you have your gloves on just push on the screen to slide the whole thing out. Later productions runs are now reportly shipping with the driver flush with the cup lip again. Grado says the diaphragms are put through a special ‘de-stressing‘ process in order to enhance detail reproduction at lower volumes. One of the drivers was wired incorrectly. Don't forget to check out The Vixen as an option also. Don't remove too much. Obviously cutting a hole in the middle so that they keep that awesome acoustic sound.This instructable is awesome :D, I wondered how I could do just as you described but opted to keep it the way it is especially since one of the foam pads from the Sennheiser was lost. TTVJ Deluxe Flats: these are also made specifically by TTVJ. These pictures should help but yours might be a little different. We also do complex and custom headphone mods, including building headphones from a scratch using Symphones, Nhoord or Elleven Acoustica drivers. So I had to find out which side is miss-wired. Glad you liked this project. I've also changed the original ear pads that were falling apart using the Sennheiser H-19545 Foam Earpads that are for HD 414 Headphones. You could just snip the wire with some cutters if you wish. Luckily, the cups are attached so that they can be just snapped out of the arms. Thank you. 220 grit works well. From shop … Drill and a bit  By opening up the centers, an open chamber is created against the ear for the sound to travel through. All of our accessories are genuine manufacturer parts. I put it in the fireplace and let it burn off but don't let it get red hot. Grado's new flagship, it boasts Maple-bodied cups, with Mahogany end caps, shaped like the GS1000.
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