Page 39: Positioning The Oven Instructions for the User 15.3 Positioning the oven The appliance is designed for building-in to cabinets made from any heat- resistant material. Steam is injected directly into the chamber and distributed uniformly by the fan function, ensuring excellent cooking results for meat and fish as well as for bread-making. Smeg's pyrolytic ovens feature an automatic cleaning function which means no detergents need to be used in the oven cavity.These ovens are extremely easy to clean. Place the included metal rack into the centre of the oven. DO NOT USE THE OVEN if the power cable or the plug is damaged, if the oven does not function correctly or if it has been damaged or dropped. Refrigerators, ovens, washing all Smeg appliances are the combination of technology, style and design. Marquis has been writing for over six years. Oven Stainless steel SF6400TVX: Smeg designed in Italy, has functional characteristics of quality with a design that combines style and high technology. Smeg's complete range of aesthetically refined built-in ovens has evolved through serious research, offering peak performance across a range of functions and guaranteeing maximum flexibility of use with maximum safety.. SMEG ovens are touted by the SMEG Company as "technology with style" for your kitchen. Tray rack: to be placed over the top of the oven tray; for cooking foods which may drip. Please select a location for a list of upcoming product demonstrations. This page cover both. Step 4. Scroll down for the "No buttons" version. SMEG ovens feature a limited amount of controls that cover a variety of baking needs. Step 3. Select the traditional (top and bottom) function or the pizza function Smeg’s Ever Clean enamel, with Vapour Clean or pyrolytic functions make cleaning easier and Smeg’s Cool Door is always cooler and safer to the touch. Pyrolitic self cleaning model also … Smeg self cleaning ovens. Only Smeg features Thermoseal technology - a combination of innovations for a perfectly controlled cooking environment and consistently better results, every time. Clean the window door glass with a standard glass cleaner. Choose the cooking mode using the far left switch. Smeg ovens combine steam and traditional cooking modes. Oven tray: for collecting fat from foods placed on the rack above. User manuals Smeg. Select "Manual Cooking" from the middle knob, or choose "Timed" to set the oven to a specific cook time. Yes, built-in Smeg electronic ovens are very user-friendly. Set your pan or pot on top of the rack. Choose a pyrolitic self cleaning model, steam oven, compact microwave oven in a design aesthetic to suit you Only Smeg has this technology. The electronic display and programmer (a feature of various models) is easy to understand and set. Il sistema di ventilazione Multiflow permette di diffondere costantemente e in modo omogeneo l’aria all’interno del frigorifero. For example, if you want to cook a cake, you would set the mode knob to "Bake." • To save energy when … For more information on how to use your Smeg oven, please consult the supplied user manual. With a range of specific appliances for cooking fresh or frozen pastry, bake off and gastronomy products, Smeg Foodservice Solutions offers the ideal solution for fast food outlets, supermarkets or restaurants requiring a back-up oven. First there is a version with five buttons below the display and seconds there is a version with no buttons. Use only SMEG original racks. If not go to the next step. Steps to clean your SMEG oven or range the ECO Way- I wouldn't recommend using any caustic sprays or gel. Yes, built-in Smeg electronic ovens are very user-friendly. Push the trays right inside the oven. The dish to be used in the combined function must be suitable for microwave and grill use. Turn the temperature knob on the far right to the desired temperature for cooking. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. You will also learn about the many Smeg oven functions – what they mean and how to use them to enhance your cooking. The symbols on Smeg ovens are shaped to relate to the elements and fans operating in the oven. The electronic display and programmer (a feature of various models) is easy to understand and set. Rack: useful for holding cooking containers. The oven can then be wiped out, a non-scratch sponge can be used to clean away any hard to remove residue. Ovens will give off a strong "straight from the factory" odour the first time you use them. Step 1. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 1. Precise design, advanced technology and the best materials: Smeg convection ovens represent excellence from all points of view. For example, if you want to cook a cake, you would set the mode knob to "Bake.". For greater hygiene and to avoid food being affected by any unpleasant odours, we recommend that the oven is dried using a fan-assisted function at 160 °C for approximately 10 minutes. SMEG takes pride in its stainless steel oven equipment and looks to leading architects to create a visual statement for your home. Press the Control knob to enter the oven menu. Turn the Control knob to the right or left to select cooking functions from the main menu. Rinse all cleaning areas thoroughly with water, and dry the oven with a soft cloth. For more information on how to use your Smeg oven, please consult the supplied user manual. Nothing should flash to the left of the numbers. Aaron Marquis is a University of Texas graduate with experience writing commercials and press releases for national advertising agencies as well as comedy television treatments/stories for FOX Studios and HBO. Page 9 Original supplied and optional accessories may be ordered from any Authorised Support Centre. If you're looking for the best double oven to buy, Smeg 90cm H x 60cm W electric double ovens with grill are AA rated for energy. Step 2: Remove all the bits that you can get out of the oven compartment that you can get out. Smeg's range of award winning built-in, integrated electric ovens coming in a range of sizes including 45cm, 60cm, 90cm, plus double ovens and built under double ovens. To change the temperature press the screen where the temperature is displayed and then use + and – to adjust the temperature. How to Videos Smeg. Use a soft cloth when applying the cleaner and ensure that all of the cleaner is wiped away before using the oven. When the rack is in the oven, the contoured part must be facing downwards. Using your Smeg Pizza Stone Your Smeg oven has a special base developed for cooking delicious and tasty pizza just like from an Italian pizzeria! Page 23 To test ovenware, put the item you want to use in the oven for 20 seconds at maximum microwave power. Press the tick to confirm. Sistema di raffreddamento Multiflow. Truly unique appliances which combine different materials superbly, such as stainless steel, glass and enamel, Smeg ovens vary in terms of size, functions and cooking methods. Select "Manual Cooking" from the middle knob, or choose "Timed" to set the oven to a specific cook time. The appliance will begin preheating, When the preheating stage is over a buzzer will sound to indicate that the food can be placed inside the oven. There appear to be two main variations when it comes to adjusting the time. If the oven is not working (and if the light is not working), reset the clock by pressing these 2 buttons. If you have a scraper scrape what you can off of the grease. Choose the cooking mode using the far left switch. For perfect pizzeria pizza, please follow these four easy steps: 1. Snowflake . Remove all oven shelves from inside the oven 2. We encourage you to be involved in the demonstration and ask questions to gain confidence and understanding of our products. However, form does not trump function in the SMEG Company; all ovens are designed to be efficient and easy-to-use. In some of the latest Smeg models, the condensation issue is solved thanks to the upper heating element and a … Multi-Function Built-In Oven oven pdf manual download. Multi-Function Built-In Oven. 5. If your Smeg cooker oven does not have an EVER CLEAN enamel lining on the inside or the specific Pyrolytic or Vapor Clean cleaning programmes, then it should be cleaned using special Smeg cleaning products such as the PULIFORNO spray (to be wiped on with a sponge) and the PAMI-1 microfibre cloth to dry the surface and leave it looking shiny.

how to use smeg oven

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