That's the reason why I chose this model to playtest as I know I will play better with it. It's definitely makes it easy to generate lots of spin thanks to the combination of the open string pattern and the racquet head speed I could generate. The lightest frame in the Pro Staff series, the Pro Staff 97UL v13 offers superior precision at an arm-friendly swing weight for transitioning juniors and adults with elbow discomfort. ", Jason took advantage of the controlled response to place his serves well. "I always enjoy a racquet with great plow through to help me hit a heavy ball with massive power. My testing of this racquet involved a short half-court / mini tennis warm-up using the service boxes, some gentle baseline hitting, a few volleys followed by some point play both handfed and with serves. Volleys and serves garnered more mixed opinions, with some experiencing zero issues and others needing to make some adjustments. Anyway, enough marketing talk, let's take a look a more in-depth look at this frame and see how it plays. hi Jonathan, on the picture with the stringing machine, what are those pink blocks on the strings at the throat of the racquet? "Without Countervail, I felt more connected to my shots, and it was very noticeable up at net. I could go for that half volley drop shot winner or effortlessly hit an offensive volley right on the corner of the court. Dr Evil, don’t denigrate Nadal’s brilliant Tennis career. I have received the Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 and Wilson Pro Staff 97 Roger Federer Autograph. Highlighted by a design that pays tribute to the historic Pro Staff series, the Pro Staff 97 v13 features a new Braid 45 construction that increases precision by adjusting the angle of the double braided fibers for enhanced feel and stability. wilson RAQUETTE PRO STAFF 97L V13.0 (290 GR) (NEW) Nouveau. The problem came when I hit slightly off-center, and the torsional instability was noticeable. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. The Pro Staff RF97 v13 has all of the characteristics that players know and love of this racquet. It should also help with string durability as there is less movement. I was having so much fun; I felt like I could play in such a crafty manner and bring out my inner Federer. Pro Staff v13 ; Roland-Garros Store ; Nos top players ; Wilson LABS : raquette Clash ; Wilson LABS : balles de tennis US Open ; Blade à la précision impitoyable avec CV ; La raquette Serena Williams Autograph Looking at the specs and the racquet design, I immediately decided to drop my string tension from 24 kilograms to 21 kilograms (53 pounds to 46 pounds). Whats your preference between the new Pro Staff and the new Blade 98? ", On the flip side, Safwane had no issues with timing, and he relished the crisp, precise response off the stringbed. This could be partially due to my lower string tension, but it could also be a result of my difficulty maneuvering the racquet. I would have changed it as it’s too angular. Select. $339.95. While the Countervail and all-black Pro Staffs were solid frames, I was always a bit unsure about them. and with the yonex ezone 98 tour? I tried a hybrid with poly mains and syn gut crosses, but I still found it a bit stiff. NEW ONLINE EXCLUSIVE PRO STAFF 97UL V13 Tennis Racket Frame WILSON WR057411U1. Home > Gear > Racquets > 2020 Wilson Pro Staff 97 First Look I'll be interested to see what some of the other reviews say about arm friendliness, but I would say if you're a player who found previous generations of this racquet too stiff, then you will likely have the same opinion of this one. So making it heavier in stock form would narrow that even more. Now we have 'crazy' Olya able to make up abuse allegations yet… No more staying at the baseline and trying to hit everything early and aggressively! Again, getting spin was easy with this racquet. Review to come! I also like the vintage throwback for the cosmetic style. We've seen brands like Babolat go for the louder designs like on the new Pure Drive, but the Pro Staff 97 has a classy, minimalist look. So really boils down to your strength and level. This racquet rewards going for your shots aggressively, whether it's trying to fire a winner down the line, or slice deep into a corner. Wilson are often on the receiving end of some flak for their quality control not being the highest, but the Pro Staff 97 was dead on the money at 315g. $319.95. There is a bit more weight in the head of the Ezone, more flex and it’s a more spin-friendly frame compared to the PS. Featuring the same specifications and composition as its predecessor, this racket caters to avid Roger Federer and Pro Staff fans by maintaining the signature precision and pure feel emblematic of the Pro Staff series. When the ball came above the level of the net and away from my body at a slower speed, the racquet's control and stability allowed me to place the ball where I wanted. It doesn't have that same loopy launch angle of certain frames, but I was able to produce a heavy ball that clears the net with margin but still has some good pace on it. I thought the Pro Staff 97 v13 came through contact easily, and I found effortless pace and spin. All Rights Reserved. Being that this racquet possesses a lot of mass, my favorite shots from the b… Overall the new Pro Staff 97 is an excellent frame., @MarkDice @benshapiro Shapiro is inauthentic. The 97-square-inch head size made it easy to find the spots I was after, and my kickers were jumping up high on my opponent. The frame's flex gave me the confidence to stick my volleys, and I felt like I should move my game up to the net instead of grinding on the baseline. Just poublished, in Nature no less: Asymptomatic spread is not a thing. It delivered truly phenomenal plow through and enabled us to hit some extremely weighty and precise balls, but there were also some issues when it came to effectively harnessing the mass. Offering the feel and precision players expect from the Pro Staff family, but with user-friendly maneuverability, the updated Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 impressed our playtesters around the globe. I had the best results hitting topspin returns since I was able to generate lots of spin, and the racquet felt the most stable on fast swings. There is one thing that is pulling me back, I have read some comments that it is not a good frame for 1HBH, what do you think about this? This stick helped me cut the ball nicely to change up the pace and play random drop shots. I am satisfied with the rest of the points you have given. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. ", Safwane - "To me, this new Pro Staff 97 feels more maneuverable, a bit more comfortable and, above all, more stable than the previous version. "I felt amazingly connected to the ball with this racquet!" It would be hard for me to say it's the best Pro Staff ever made given I've only hit with it a couple of times and I'm still a massive fan of the K Factor Six.One 90 but I do think it's the best 97 square inch Pro Staff to date. Julie: An open level aggressive baseliner. The Pros and Cons of … NEW ONLINE EXCLUSIVE PRO STAFF 26 V13 Junior Tennis Racket WILSON WR050410U. Natural gut is a bit pricey for me right now. $339.95. $359.95 Sold Out. @tennisinaloha @jeremy_hume "to lockdown and beat the virus" this is impossible. During this playtest, I strung up English brand, QTS’ Black Turbo Spin 3 at 55lbs (no pre-stretch). The Wilson Pro Staff Team is made for beginner and intermediate players who are looking for a maneuverable all-round frame. For Safwane, the Pro Staff 97 v13's control stood out from the start. bei Halbvolleys sensationell. I have received the new Pro Staffs a while ago and I know a lot of you have been looking forward to this Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 Review. I'm certainly glad I did! Hopefully, you enjoyed my first look and initial impressions of the Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13. This post also contains affiliate links. The key ingredient: double braided fibers arranged at 45 degree angles that net incredible ball pocketing feel and stability. Whereabouts are you from in the world? Even when I had time to take a larger cut on a backhand slice, I thought the racquet performed fairly well. With the Pro Staff 97 v13, Wilson adds another chapter to the lighter, faster version of Federer's RF97 Autograph.Like the previous generation, this 11.7 ounce stick provides intermediate and advanced players with a surprisingly maneuverable entry point into the feel and precision of the Pro Staff universe. The personal racket of a 20x major champion, the Pro Staff RF97 v13 delivers premium performance and sleek design fit for a legend. ", Tapping into sufficient pace wasn't an issue for Chris, and he also enjoyed a good amount of spin. I can only say that they look great and I’m keen to take them out on the court. On my slice shots, there was just enough mass to help me drive through the ball, and I was able to move the ball around the court with lots of control. With impressive updates to feel and response alongside user-friendly maneuverability, the latest Pro Staff 97 stood out as our playtesters' favorite to date. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Although the Pro Staff 90, and the 85, swing faster and easier, I was amazed at what the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph did for my game. If you are used to the RF97A I don’t think you would have too many issues using it, although it does have a slightly higher swing weight. For players who like to block return and take it inside the baseline, this racquet does the job well. Safwane: A lefty aggressive baseliner with a semi-western forehand and a two handed backhand. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. How do you think is this compared with the yonex vcore 97 pro hd? I feel in total control of my game off the ground.”, Hayden - "The feel, flex and confidence to play with an all-court style! For this latest iteration, Wilson has come up with a new design that pays tribute to the historic Pro Staff series with a few modern twists (or braids ). Like the guy said, it is for strong players who have good stroke mechanics and play regularly. I was getting decent levels of spin, and I was able to hit smaller targets. I really enjoyed being able to stand at the net without getting pushed around by my opponent. La Pro Staff 97UL v13 a été conçue selon le procédé String Mapping de Wilson, qui consiste en un cordage plus dense au niveau de la zone de frappe, assurant des réponses plus prévisibles et axées sur le contrôle. *Disclosure: I was provided with a Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 tennis racquet to playtest and review, however, all opinions below are solely my own. Featuring a design that summons the heritage of the iconic Pro Staff franchise from years past, the all-new Pro Staff series enhances precision while maintaining the classic feel beloved by its users worldwide. Its so annoying how easily the matt black paintwork gets tarnished. Stöbern Sie in unserer Markenfamilie. My two Zus frames are 70RA, so I'm used to that, and the new Pro Staff 97 measures at 6.4mm SI, which is Wilson's in house method of measuring the stiffness of a racquet. Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph v13 Review w/ the Roger Federer, yes, THE @rogerfederer joins us for the @wilsontennis Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph v13 Tennis Racquet Review! Current racquet of choice is the Babolat Pure Drive 2021. I'm not sure it's the type of racquet for Nadal like returning positions but Thiem is proving you can play that way with the Pure Strike which is very similar to the Pro Staff in terms of specs. I tend to prefer a softer, plusher feel, but I felt connected to my shots and was able to place the ball well. Heavy, sleek and control-oriented, t And also it’s stiffer. Let me watch and see what he says. I dread to see both my red and blue Rod Laver editions getting chipped . Our Pro Staff 97 v13 Review . New technologies include a Braid 45 construction for enhanced feel and stability, string mapping with a denser hitting area for a more controlled, precise response and a new ergo (slightly flared) butt cap. 2020 Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Review & Playtest Notes. He said, "I found easy depth and good access to spin from the baseline with the Pro Staff 97 v13. ", Moving farther across the globe to our crew at Australia's Tennis Only, the Pro Staff 97 v13 made a great first impression. Summary. Full Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 Review I used this frame on outdoor hard courts. No different to the previous model. What do you think about the new Pro Staff 97 V13? Stay tuned for a full review and playtest. I found the sweetspot on almost all of my forehand strikes, but I struggled a bit on my backhands. But if you can handle the weight, it doesn’t matter if you hit with 1 hand or two. NEW PRO STAFF 97 V13 Tennis Racket Frame WILSON WR043811U2. I don't tend to slice that much on the backhand, but the maneuverability and racquet head speed I was creating was more than enough to cut under the ball to hit some deep and low slices. Exclusive Member of Mediavine Home. Thank you very much fot taking the time to watch the video and answer me. The frame was easy to swing, but there was one minor downfall; I just wanted more pop on my serves. Chris also found this update to be slightly more user-friendly than versions past. $219#WR057411U. My punch volleys felt crisp, and when you got that racquet out in front to hit the ball on a downwards trajectory deep into the court, you get a lovely response and feeling you can land the ball where you want it. Would you include the Pro Staff 97 v13 on your list of 5 best rackets of 2020? For a little over a week, I had the opportunity to hit with the Pro Staff RF97 daily to share my experience with you. La raquette Wilson Pro Staff 97 RF reprend le style emblématique et unique des Pro Staff utilisées par le maitre suisse Roger Federer en s'inspirant du design épuré et travaillé des versions précédentes. The specs and layout have remained the same as the previous version, so we had playtesters who reviewed the original Pro Staff 97 review this one as well to see if their opinions had changed. Bought it from Wilson but not able to return. The Wilson Pro Staff V13 has arrived at the Tennisnerd HQ and I will start testing them next week. Aside from the playability and precision of the racquet, the most appealing thing for longtime fans of the Pro Staff line like myself is the return of the red and yellow pinstripes along the throat that brings back memories of the 1980s. My first impressions of the V13 Pro Staff are it's an improvement on the last model. More on why this was required below. I will start by telling you two key things. I would have liked some added mass for stability, but the upside of not having it was the racquet feeling very light and fast. Troyexplained, "I loved the plow through and stability this racquet was providing when I was hitting from the baseline; I could feel this racquet pancake the ball. There are … I think the Pro Staff 85 original has aged incredibly well and it is one of the few, if not the only, racquets from the 1980s wouldn't look that out of place on the shelves today. The Pro Staff 97L v13 provides a lighter and more maneuverable frame for any player who craves the classic Pro Staff precision and feel, but prefers a more arm-friendly swing weight. ", Chris - "I feel like this Pro Staff 97 v13 is an improvement over previous Pro Staffs. Based on Roger Federer's all black design, this version has some subtle red and yellow stripes as a call back to the Original Pro Staff 85. He noted, "I really liked this racquet at net. New to the party on this particular model is a Braid 45 construction that is designed to boost precision by adjusting the angle of the double braided fibres for enhanced feel and stability. I've always found them to be good racquets to drill with, and this version felt a tad more precise in point play. Ok, thank you very much. The Pro Staff 97UL v13 also gets updated with Wilson's String Mapping, which creates denser spacing in the hitting area for a more predictable and controlled response. I sort of agree but I wouldn’t say it is bad for one-handed backhands per se, it is just not the ideal racquet for beginners or players who don’t play that often. I loved how I could relax and almost let the racquet do the job of finishing the point on my forehands with pinpoint targeting. Bitte wenden Sie sich an den Kundendienst unter 1-800-401-7967, wenn Sie Probleme beim Zugriff auf Informationen auf dieser Website haben. Don’t you think if one of the big three ( I don’t like that term) was the opponent of either one, they wouldn’t have won. I like both those frames a lot. The frame felt perfectly stable, and after a small adjustment period, it was easy to understand how to handle the racquet and take full advantage of its characteristics. NEW PRO STAFF 97 V13 Tennis Racket Frame WILSON WR043811U2. Pro Staff 97 V13 Turnierschläger - 234,95 € - Wilson - Pro Staff - Tennisschläger - Turnierschläger - Kopfgröße (cm²): 626 - Besaitungsbild: 16/19 - Gewicht unbesaitet in g: 315 - Länge (mm): 685 - Balancepunkt (mm): 310 - Besaitet: Nein The new Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 Review is here. Black elastic base, exposed carbon fibre weave with gloss finish at the tip. It can get pushed around a bit against bigger hitters. The sweetspot isn't easy to find, and the low-powered nature of this frame was difficult for me to adjust to, but the lower string tension allowed me to find controllable power and better comfort. From the backcourt, the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph was a tale of two racquets. From the baseline, this stick combines easy acceleration with impressive control on full swings. ", Jason also tried to be aggressive with his returns. My mechanics had to be clean when I played with the Pro Staff 97. Thank you for the detailed review. It was quite a slapdash string job, unfortunately (those of you who are eagle-eyed will spot it) as I was rushing, but it was good enough, and I was then able to hit with the frame for around 2 hours. Pro Staff loyalists will note the red and yellow pinstripes along the throat pay subtle homage to the iconic history of the franchise, while the exposed glossy carbon fiber at the tip delivers a Truth about the arm pain when getting older with good hittin... Thiem beats Nadal Djokovic beaten by Medwedev Is this weak e... peRFect Tennis started back in 2011 as a tennis news site. You get more feel, and the denser string bed offers you that bit more control. I enjoyed this racquet much more for rallying. I would say it's decent spin-wise, but nothing exceptional; you have the access to spin you need, and you can go for a shaped string if you want to increase the spin potential. Once again, the stability was not debatable, but the 315 grams felt too hard to maneuver for me. You might also like. But it’s not a power orientated racquet like the Pure Drive etc. And while the latter is not the easiest racquet on the universe, I don’t find it supremely difficult to play with either. This has me itching to add a leather grip and some weight at 3 and 9. ", Jaye - "I like how easy it is to play with; I had an almost instant transition into this racquet.
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