TaylorMade 2017 M2 irons … Popularity Score . 2nd Swing Golf: Best golf equipment shopping experience & world-class service. Playability/Trajectory. Taylormade M6 Irons … I’m not sure where you could have bought those PING knockoffs, but when it comes to buying clubs online I would recommend having the e-commerce sites I mention in the review at the top of your consideration list. Something new is what the company calls a "fluted hosel." 96. TaylorMade’s ultimate goal when it came to the M2 iron was to create a club that delivered amazing distance without sacrificing trajectory in an effort to make it easier for recreational players to hit better approach shots. I tested the 2017 M2 irons on Trackman under the watchful eye of a TaylorMade fitter. I had no prejudices going in because I had been out of the game for so long. So needless to say I now need new clubs. Extra ball speed is definitely a big deal even in irons because you’re able to fly the same distance but take more loft for softer landings into greens — one of the most important factors is good iron play. TaylorMade 2016 M2 Irons Review – Distance Without Sacrifice Paul March 23, 2016 Club Reviews , Golf Product Reviews 8 Comments This is a comprehensive review of the TaylorMade 2016 M2 iron , claimed to be a “distance machine” and designed to squeeze out as much yardage as possible while maintaining a high trajectory. Show listings Show reviews . In the M2 driver, the saved crown weight is repositioned to the sole in order to move the center of gravity lower and deeper. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) Review – Inform Your Practice, Best Game-Improvement Fairway Woods of 2015 (Updated), Mizuno MP-20 MB Irons Review – Ultimate Feel & Control, 8 Best Golf Simulators For Home – 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, 12 Best Golf Simulators of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide, 7 Best Golf Simulator Softwares Of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide, 6 Best Golf Simulator Screens & Enclosures – 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, 6 Best Golf Simulator Projectors – 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, manages to be crazy long without sacrificing height and control, swing feel and impact sound and feel are terrific, look/aesthetic design will greatly appeal to many, severe mishits near the toe or heel can still see substantial losses in ball speed, hit feedback could be a little more helpful, excellent ball speed forgiveness (large sweet spot), fantastic sound/feel throughout the swing and at impact (part of this is due to the new fluted hosel which I’ll discuss later). Comparatively speaking, offsets are a little more extreme than the RSi 1 but less extreme than the Aeroburner. Hi Paul: Great review and perfect timing for my read here in New England. I ended up with a set of knock offs when I purchased a full set of what I thought were Pings online. The first is eBay, which is a fantastic source for new and used sets. This is my review of the TaylorMade M4 iron, a gold-medal winner on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List. Review Rankings . When TaylorMade set out to design M2 irons, their focus was to achieve maximum distance without sacrificing the peak trajectory. The woods reach retail outlets on Feb. 19, 2016, with MSRPs of $249. TaylorMade 2017 M2 Drivers From $201.99 30% Off! $106.96 $ 106. With that in mind, the 2016 iron set edition had a great appearance, but the TaylorMade M2 irons has even a more improved look. It makes the TaylorMade irons line-up a fairly simple one – PSi irons for better and tour players with the M2 … Engineered to fly farther AND higher than other irons. Just be sure to check online for potentially better prices for your specific iron build before you buy. Retail availability begins on March 15, 2016. This results in greater ball speeds across the face (particularly low on the face) and hence improved mishit forgiveness. There's also a 3D badge on back to improve the impact sound and manage vibration. The TaylorMade M2 driver comes in both right- and left-handed models, with lofts of 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees. Perhaps this will help rekindle his interest in the game. And the M2 lineup still includes those clubs, usually with several options within each category. Great review. So, how does the M4 iron perform at the end of the day? According to Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMade’s director of iron product creation, the large, thin faces of the M2 and M2 Tour irons didn’t benefit from the technology, which is most effective in more compact irons such as TaylorMade’s PSi. There’s no question that the M2 inspires plenty of confidence at address, and it looks awesome in the bag too. When TaylorMade set out to design M2 irons, their focus was to achieve maximum distance without sacrificing the peak trajectory. The fluting of the hosel removes some mass, which is redistributed lower and farther back in the clubhead. The specs chart was a nice touch. TaylorMade’s ultimate goal when it came to the M2 iron was to create a club that delivered amazing distance without sacrificing trajectory in an effort to make it easier for recreational players to hit better approach shots. Check out the links on this page to be taken to the best buying destinations. The impact of the TaylorMade M2 family, and in particular the driver, was there for all to see in 2016 – and early signs suggest 2017 could be even more successful. The clubhead has an eye-catching white-against-black look, with the white representing the titanium portion of the crown and the black the carbon composite portion. In 2015, RSi irons were a breakthrough in game-improvement design. ... Standard specs. Why choose the TaylorMade M2 Irons 2019? Clubs that are stamped or engraved will be automatically receive the "Below Average" value. February 17, 2016 5:31 pm. It’s clear that these are TaylorMade’s game-improvement irons for 2016 – replacing last year’s Aeroburner irons. These are also game-improvement irons, but their heads are more compact than the M2s for golfers who want a little more workability. After all, as TaylorMade … I really dig the rather unconventional sole design with its functional and visually appealing 3D badge. I was in Carlsbad, California, recently with TGW colleagues to visit the TaylorMade headquarters and explore the company’s 2016 product lines. Does the M2 iron actually deliver on its ambitious claims? But today we will … The True Temper XP95 steel shaft is stock, and the set is 4-iron through pitching wedge, priced at $899 (attack wedge and sand wedge also available). The TaylorMade M2 irons are game-improvement irons that emphasize distance and peak trajectory: flying farther, flying higher. That system is not present in the M2 driver, however. TaylorMade Men's 2016 M2 Irons DESCRIPTION. They currently have average customer ratings of 4.8/5 on Amazon, 4.6/5 (100+ reviews) on Global Golf, 5/5 (100% recommended) on the TaylorMade website, 4.8/5 (100% recommended) on the DSG website, 4/5 on Golfsmith, and 4.7/5 on Edwin Watts Golf. It’s very long, very big, and will likely be popular among those with handicaps north of 20. Depending on the iron, added distance can range from ... Forgiveness. Brent Kelley is an award-winning sports journalist and golf expert with over 30 years in print and online journalism. Other ... TaylorMade Golf SIM MAX Individual Irons KBS MAX 85 9 Iron Regular RH. This is a comprehensive review of the TaylorMade 2016 M2 iron, claimed to be a “distance machine” and designed to squeeze out as much yardage as possible while maintaining a high trajectory. The company's familiar inverted cone technology is still in use, as is a redesigned Speed Pocket. Good idea, Lynn — you should always do that if you can. It’s basically distance without sacrifice — something that has historically been very difficult to achieve in golf clubs. CATEGORY: Game Improvement Hybrids PRICE: $200 WE TESTED: 3 (19°), 4 (22°) with TaylorMade Reax graphite shaft KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A deeper, … In the M1, that saved crown weight went back into the driver's T-Track System of sliders on the sole. A thin face with Inverted Cone Technology works in tandem with the Speed Pocket to push the limits of ball speed protection and consistency across the entire face. The center of gravity position winds up lower and deeper, and these design factors contribute to a higher launch angle, better ball speed and optimized spin rates. The TaylorMade M2 iron is the iron that the high handicap golfer has been waiting for. Typical trajectories are mid-high. Irons Topline/Body: Maybe a scratch or two from being in a bag with other clubs. In the case of the M2 iron, all of the following features contribute to an “unprecedented synergy of distance and height”: The Thick-Thin Fluted Hosel is a new ribbed hosel design that frees up 3 grams of mass and is distributed as low as possible throughout the clubhead. What type of golfer is it best suited for? Forgiveness tends to be strongest low on the face and weakest at the heel and toe. The other clubs were fine, but when I hit the M2s the ball exploded off the club face. Coming up with new or reimagined golf club tech is a tried and true TaylorMade marketing strategy. That's the foundation for the M2 driver's promise of hot ball speeds and maximum forgiveness. Ah, yes, that is one of the major barriers to entry (so to speak) when it comes to golf, another being cost. 0 shares. The original lineup included driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. TaylorMade M2 Tour Irons … Neither the M2 nor the M2 Tour irons use the company’s Face Slots, a feature added to the company’s PSi and PSi Tour irons that were released late in 2015. Compare best-selling irons . The Speed Pocket is located farther from the sole of the club and closer to the face compared to other pockets in past models, and this contributes to a higher launch angle. ... Customize TaylorMade M2 Rescue Hybrids Add To Cart × 20% Off Your Order! It is a subsidiary of Adidas-Salomon A.G. (Also included in this stable of brands is MAXFLI and Rossa,) In 1998 TaylorMade… TAYLORMADE M2 HYBRID . Now, here's what we published about the M2 Series when it was introduced: As with the M1 driver, the TaylorMade M2 driver has a 7-layer carbon composite crown that is lighter compared to previous TM driver crowns. The Golf Monthly TaylorMade M2 irons review, a game improvement iron built for distance and forgiveness through numerous new technologies. It seems like the fluted hosel and Speed Pocket, among other things, really make a difference here. I’m fairly sure they accept returns for clubs that have been used, but I’m not positive on that. TaylorMade 2016 M2 . Click on the composite image at the top of the page and navigate the photos on the left-hand side of the screen. Is it worth buying? ... TaylorMade 2016 M2 - Reviews, Prices, Specs and Alternatives . If a PW is not included, you will be required to enter each of the irons individually. This review has everything I need to know in order to make an informed purchase. Just as with the M2 driver, the TaylorMade M2 fairway woods use a multimaterial construction, including that weight-saving carbon crown. Following after the M1 family of woods TaylorMade Golf introduced in late 2015, TaylorMade launched the M2 line of golf clubs in early 2016. Just getting back into the game after a 30 year hiatus and was starting from scratch. It's in the top 3 bestselling iron sets and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as XXIO 8 Set or Callaway Apex 2019. $178.84. The M2 iron comes stock with the TaylorMade REAX 88HL (steel) and REAX 75/65/55/45 (graphite) shafts. TaylorMade Men's 2016 M2 Irons DESCRIPTION. The M2 Irons set comes in 4-iron through pitching wedge plus A-wedge, priced at $799 (steel shafts)/$899 (graphite), and available beginning Feb. 19, 2016. The new M2 irons have the same specs in terms of lofts and shaft length as the old M2 irons. Lefty New TaylorMade 2017 M2#9 Single Iron/Graphite Reax 55 Senior Flex. He used to love to golf and then got so busy that he all but gave it up, a shame as this is such a great hobby, exercise, social outlet, etc. On back of head centered above cavity M2 (M in white 2 in gold with dark red underline). Forgiveness. The M2 woods are designed for distance, and the TaylorMade M2 Rescue (hybrid) is, as well. Feel free to share your thoughts by dropping a comment below! The TaylorMade M2 irons come in two models and combines a faster face and stronger lofts with a lower Centre of Gravity (CG) to launch the ball higher and land steeper. Definitely passing this on to my husband. Specifications of the M2 iron for men and women are below: Distance results with the M2 irons are fantastic. In addition to the base M2 set, TaylorMade is also offering an M2 Tour set of irons. Free shipping for many products! Very Good Condition: Unlike our Like New condition, these clubs have clearly been hit but are in fantastic shape. The M2 fairway woods come in lofts of 15, 16.5, 18, 21 and 24 degrees (the three lower lofts in both RH and LH, the two higher lofts RH only). Have you tried the M2 irons yet? Great information. I love TaylorMade, they make great clubs and from the sounds of it the M2 would be a really good one to buy. The M2 line is all about distance and forgiveness, and in the photos and text below take a brief look at each of the original clubs in the lineup. Performance of the TaylorMade M2 Irons Review. 3 compartments in cavity with "TaylorMade" in middle, largest cavity. The M2s are no exception, combining a number of technologies aimed primarily at producing high and long ball flight. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for TaylorMade Ladies 2016 M2 Irons 8-Piece Set at the best online prices at eBay! A “blind” Speed Pocket in the 4-7 irons thins the sole for increased face flexion at impact. 49. Stock steel shafts are the Reax 88 High Launch; graphite, the M2 Reax. TaylorMade M2 Irons 2017 reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. The 2017 TaylorMade M2 irons will be available Jan. 27, 2017 in 4-LW for $800 with Reax HL 88 steel shafts by FST (S and R flexes) and $900 with M2 Reax graphite shafts (S, R, A, L flexes). … They’re also a very attractive option for single-digit handicappers and even pros who want top-of-the-line distance with little to no compromise. TaylorMade certainly isn’t wrong when they say the M2 is a distance machine. An undercut topline also saves weight. TaylorMade 2016 M2 6 Single Iron Steel Regular. The M2 irons incorporate some familiar TaylorMade tech: the inverted cone and Speed Pocket, for example. CATEGORY: Game Improvement Fairway Woods PRICE: $250 WE TESTED: 3 (15°), 3HL (16.5°) with TaylorMade Reax graphite shaft KEY … On the whole, the M2 irons proved easy to hit airborne consistently with their ultra low CG (17.2mm as opposed to 19.2mm on previous TaylorMade game improvement irons… Once burned I don’t want to be twice burned. According to TaylorMade, "The structural changes in the design of the clubhead include a lowered front face area that still has the traditional rounded face shape from address, as well as a raised front crown and sloping rear crown section to maximize low CG without compromising the aerodynamic benefits.". Custom shafts are also available. We don't yet have enough review information for TaylorMade 2016 M2 . Thin shots (struck low on the face) feel very similar to solid strikes, which themselves feel quite hot and very solid. TaylorMade's M2 irons will be available Feb. 19 in a polished PVD finish for $800 (set of eight) with REAX 88 High Launch steel shafts, and $900 with REAX graphite shafts. Thanks for sharing. Online Search for the perfect Taylormade 2016 M2 Iron Seton sale & just for you!
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