Ok, well one day you will want to buy or sell, and I would like the opportunity to work with you when that day comes. It wasn’t always like that for me, but I guess I look at it like this: as a Realtor, I know I have real value (in my knowledge and experience) that I am spreading through the community in the work that I do, and calling people on the phone is another way to spread that value. This is the same way in prospecting. Me too. Tell them you’ll send them a free no obligation CMA and invite them to discuss it with you after. What does the right message sound like? Remember this formula and use it as your motivation. If you can maintain this clip for, say, 50 weeks a year, you’ll be going on 100 listing appointments every year. Let silence do the heavy lifting here). Consequently, agents must find different ways to add value and give to people in their databases so that their communications aren’t perceived as annoyances. We get it. Cold calling real estate agents are going to hear a lot of the word “no” and sometimes worse. Call reluctance is a major hurdle for some agents and many fail to address it.… What sort of numbers are we talking about? where others couldn’t. Cold calling expired listings can be tricky because you know that homeowner is going to talk to multiple Realtors, oftentimes all on the same day that you’re planning your call. Look – I know this is kindof out of the blue, but I wanted to let you know that I started this new side business a little bit ago because I have a passion to help people that want (better skin, more financial freedom, etc.). There are SO many scripts out there it is mind boggling I personally use Mike Ferry Scripts. This is a quick call about business. Trent made this jump when he joined a real estate team with an experienced cold caller at the helm. To Master Real Estate Prospecting Check Out Our Course. The study showed that on average, for every 209 calls made, one listing appointment was set or referral was made. I had a bad client database system and we are now upgrading that, and I just wanted to touch back and see how everything is going. Voicemail experts suggest that voicemails 15 seconds or longer have a much lower completion rate, and something less than eight seconds makes it hard to effectively communicate. The reason for this gap is that top producers have proven, practiced scripts that enable Real Estate coach, Tom Ferry, tells us that successful cold callers spend upwards of 75% of their time on the phone NOT talking. The Close: Awesome, thank you so much for you knowledge and advice, and best of luck for the rest of 2019! The Close: Can you give us a particular line or piece of verbiage that you use that you think our readers can use to help up their cold calling game? Also, as I learned more about real estate, got a couple of transactions under my belt, I felt like I could have better conversations with people, which made it easier too. Making cold calls requires focus, doing so when you’re focused on your own physical needs just doesn’t work. Just over 31% of calls in the study were made during this time frame, and calls from this timeframe yielded 53% of all the appointments set. Circle prospecting is a great way to increase your exposure and connect with other homeowners in neighborhoods where you’re already active. Make it a point to listen closely to the agents who are killing it. Voicemail is an excellent opportunity to break the ice with prospects in a much lower stress setting. Beyond simply listening to your prospects it’s important to follow-up with relevant content and questions based on your notes. Trent Sims: I am not really a written scripts guy, though I know people who do use them and they seem to be really successful. This platform gathers all your expired, FSBO, FRBO, and pre-foreclosure leads into one place, uses data aggregation techniques to gather contact info for them from across the web, and puts them all in a single dashboard. {Pause and listen. Effective circle prospecting scripts and techniques can enable real estate agents to generate more business around their active listings. We suggest a spreadsheet where you can record the days you called, the time of day, the number of calls you’ve made, the number of conversations, the number of rejections, and of course, the number of appointments set. I would say the first thing is, you have to eliminate your fear of the word “no”. If you’ve worked in real estate for more than 10 … In NY first thing a FSBO asks is “Are you a broker?” Say yes, and the next thing you hear is a buzzing in your ear. Jam packed with 61 proven real state lead generation ideas for this year. Jam packed with 61 proven real state lead generation ideas for this year, this eBook comes from coaches and top producing agents from around the country. Allow Yourself to Fail in Order to Get Better. Maintain a positive tone. (Obtain address and ask for any other information needed). So is there anything that we can do for you right now? Cold calling isn’t easy. As far as tools go, I use REDX pretty much every time I call. . A real estate professional committed to making 100 calls per day, five days a week will yield 2 listing appointments or referrals a week. Well look, I don’t want to take up too much of your time today, but (market information — “a house/condo was just listed in your neighborhood/complex” or “a house/condo just sold in your neighborhood/complex”), and I didn’t know if there was anything I could do for you regarding buying or selling real estate at this time. Free Real Estate Scripts. Download Our Top 3 Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts. I’m _____ with _____.You know, I work in the neighborhood, and I noticed that your home was no longer for sale. Best Expired Listing Scripts & Objection Handlers 2019, The 5 Best FSBO Scripts of 2019 & Why They Work, Zero to Diamond real estate coaching program. If there is one that I have not included, email me and I will create it for you and add it … That’s because a script will keep you on track and focused on listening to the prospect, without worrying about thinking of what you’re going to say next, or worse…winging it. We sat down with Trent to ask him a couple of questions about how he got past his cold calling jitters and what he did to turn it into a vital part of his business. I use the REDX GeoLeads function to help me gather contact info for a neighborhood, then do some research on the MLS to get myself familiar with what’s happening there and in the pricepoint of the neighborhood. The reason these companies want to work with us is that they know our readers represent the most engaged, professional, and committed real estate agents online today. (After their response . Scripts for Buyers: How to Show Less Homes. What made you all decide to sell? Don’t call him asking a bunch of personal questions, send FSBO by snail mail, a detailed report about how to sell his house, without a broker, subtly implanting all the difficulties he’ll face. I’ve heard good things about your company, would you and your business be interested in being included?”  (If yes, continue . Pick an hour and stick to it, you’ll get the best results and therefore minimize your fear. With an auto-dialer, the moment one call disconnects, another is ringing, keeping you out of that anxious moment and into the converting mindset. Why don’t we meet? “The Classic” – Mike Ferry. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to interact with prospects or just need to get hyped up for your next calling session, these videos are a great source of inspiration. “Hi _______, this is John Smith at ABC Realty, how have you been? Will that work?”. An auto-dialer can cut down your time on the phone by more than half, and a great one like Storm Dialer from REDX can increase your call volume by more than 400%. A Real Estate Administrative Assistant’s Job Description. How does that sound?”, “Yeah, that’s fine. That said, I think most people are cell only these days, so safe to assume it applies to both. I’m a firm believer in using a script for commercial real estate prospecting cold calls. I get a lot of positive responses from this line, it is non-threatening and easy to agree to, and it very rarely is the last time I speak to that person. This will set the comfort level of the call. He’s a relatively new agent who started out in 2017. “Conversational” Circle Prospecting Script x Hi, is this [FIRST NAME]? So while there is still some debate here, the data shows that the best times to call are in that block in the middle of the day. You’ve got to prepare your body for having relaxed conversations. We do not accept money, services, or products in exchange for positive reviews or product placement. If they say YES. Oh and since I’ve got you on the phone, do you happen to know anyone that is thinking about buying or selling a home right now? Agent Script Book What You Say Matters. Secondly, cold prospecting will help you build a database of future listing prospects that, if managed properly, will guarantee you a steady flow of listings every month for the rest of your real estate career. This script gauge’s a prospect’s interest in the market. For example, they might use a listing going under contract as the basis for communicating by email, mailer, flyers, door … Use the following prospecting scripts and dialogues to systematically and continuously stay in conversation with the people you know to help develop more clients. Just Listed & Just Sold Real Estate Scripts. It shows what it is, the basics on how to get “stuff” into it, and how to use it for real estate-related tasks. However, we do work with a select group of software companies and service providers that we feel provide real value for our readers. Do you have time this afternoon, or would tomorrow work better for you?”, “You know, I really don’t want to work with an agent. Lay off the coffee first thing in the morning and instead go with a tall glass of cold water, avoiding the speed that caffeine tends to add to most people’s speaking tempo. Get started with Mike Ferry TV! In order to get that, your recipient needs to respond to your call to action, a return call. While it’d be nice to have tons of clients constantly reaching out for help, farming or prospecting is actually a huge slice of how agents spend time. Advice that someone gave you? Most real estate agents mistakenly think the goal of every cold call has to be a listing appointment. If he did toss it, what kind of immediate prospect is he anyway? Anything we missed? Learn the Art (& Science) of Prospecting Letters. Using an auto-dialer does two things for you: it keeps you in the zone and gets you through your call list faster. Our Clients Earn The Industry Average 10XMORE THAN Schedule your FREE coaching consultation 888.866.3377 TomFerry.com Call Visit. (Great) [Examples] Trent Sims: Yes, well, I definitely still have some big goals in front of me, but 2018 was a great step towards meeting those long term goals. The second thing I would tell people is to remember your value. Real estate agents rely on new clients to keep their business going, and those clients don’t just fall into their laps. That’s what we’re here for, glad to help. How are you? Thank you for letting me apologize for not following up and staying in better touch with you, and if there is anything I can do to be of service in the future please let me know?”, “Hi ________, this is John Smith with ABC Realty, how are you today?” I’m calling because we are reviewing our database and noticed that we are missing some information like email addresses, phone numbers and etc. We’ve even put some mock responses in the script so you can practice hearing “no” and learn how to use those initial rejections to get a listing appointment. Thanks for your question. I’d also like to share some of the things we do to help FSBOs like yourself. Leave out confidential or private information. Would your business benefit from 100 listing appointments every year? Scripts for Building Referral Networks from Business Relationships, Scripts for Buyers: How to Show Less Homes, Agent Websites that Generate Real Estate Leads, Just Listed & Just Sold Real Estate Scripts, What to Say When Calling FSBO Sellers for Listings, Managing & Compensating Buyers Agents on Real Estate Teams, Easy Ways to Ask Your Clients for Referrals, How to Compensate & Structure Real Estate Teams, How Realtors Build Referral Based Businesses, The 5 Ways to Mirror & Match Client Behavior, When & How Realtors Should Make their First Administrative Hire, Top Producing Realtor Prospecting Scripts, The 3 Primary Duties of a Top Producing Realtor, Scripts for Overcoming Listing Presentation Objections, How to List For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Homes, How to Conduct Better Real Estate Team Meetings. Since we’re in the process of trying to update our databases and do better at staying in communication, is it okay if I keep you in our database, mail to you and touch base every now and then?”, “Awesome! Listen to what they say. It’s not offensive. That is mainly because the process is something that they are uncertain about and or they are not prepared to learn or undertake the required practice. To make the most of your conversation, consider using a CRM like Freshsales (which has a free forever plan for up to two users) to take notes on specific leads. Interestingly enough, 90 percent of the FSBOs I speak with tell me the exact same thing. The people on your call list should reflect this goal. I have concerns about calling DNC numbers because of fear of potentially costly litigation but that also eliminates lots of numbers on RedX. I was just surprised to see it on the market for ___days, I assumed it would be gone in a few weeks. Trent Sims: Thank you for the opportunity to talk, here’s to a great year in real estate. DOWNLOAD OUR TOP 3 REAL ESTATE COLD CALLING SCRIPTS. (If yes, continue . Of course it would. One of the hardest parts about cold calling is feeling like you’re selling something that people aren’t interested in buying. Find any excuse to stop by and introduce yourself in person, even if it’s for a minute or two. Further, top circle prospectors diversify their contacts to residents around their listings via multiple marketing channels. If you want to learn more about prospecting expired listings, as well as get some more scripts, make sure to check out our article called Best Expired Listing Scripts & Objection Handlers 2019. While there is some debate, data from the Keller Center study shows that the most productive time to make cold calls is between 10 AM and 2 PM, and the numbers to back this up are pretty pronounced. Also, making 100 calls a day can be a time consuming commitment, especially when you’re trying to dial all the numbers by hand. If you’re looking for a new area to prospect or farm, start by doing some research on the MLS to determine the places where the local trends support potential listings. I’ll be in touch!” (NOTE: A follow up “Thank You” card can have a very positive impact). So what’s better? People are more likely to stay on the phone when they are talking about themselves because given the chance, people will tell their story to just about anyone who will listen. In fact, I wish that I could FaceTime cold call people, because I feel like if I can see your face and you can see mine, you are more likely to know I am genuine and have value to offer you. The Close: Wow, so your business more than tripled, and almost a third of it was as a result of cold calling? I like to establish these professional referral partnerships to help grow each others’ businesses as well. This will also vary depending on the demographics of your farm area as well. In this book, I have attempted to cover most of the common real estate scripts that you will likely need. Before you get on the phone, go through a stretching routine to get your body limber and ready to support your mind’s positive responses. Find the other agents in your office who are also cold callers. Most agents we’ve talked to who’ve given up cold calling use the same excuses, they say that actually dialing the phone is their most anxious moment. When someone isn’t ready to set a listing appointment, focus on just shaking their hand. Circle Prospecting Script; Door Knocking; Expired Listings; Expired Listing Call, Live; Get Name, Number, Email Script; How Much is My Homeworth Postcard; Reasons to Sell before the End of the Year; Scripts that Convert (FSBO) Real Estate Scripts Books Real Estate Scripts on Video. Hello, is this Mr. / Mrs. __________?Hey Mr. / Mrs., this is (your name) with (your company). But you don’t have to limit your circle prospecting only to the areas you’ve listed or sold property. Learn these top real estate prospecting scripts to contact the people that make up your center of influence (COI) regularly for more business. I can understand why you might feel pretty discouraged — it’s a great house. Where are they pausing? In the following video , top producing luxury agent Bridget Ann Stuart reveals the real estate prospecting scripts that she uses to regularly stay in contact with members of her client database. I definitely use those pretty consistently. Cold calling is one of the most polarizing lead generation strategies in all of real estate. That’s good. Get 61 Proven real estate lead generation ideas for this year. Real Estate Prospecting: COI Scripts. We have affiliate partnerships with these companies and make money when we feature their products on the site. Cold calling can be scary and stressful, especially if you’re working alone. Trent Sims: Sure. IMHO folks. If you want to give it a shot, you can come on over.”, “Awesome, I appreciate that. How would you feel about referring my services to them?”, “It’s been really great working with you thus far, and I feel really grateful to Jane for introducing you to me.
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