Donalda and the New Don Mills Suburb. She represented her country at the 1992 Summer Olympics, as well as three outdoor and one indoor World Championships. Donalda was established 1911 and was named after the niece of Donald A. Mann, Donalda Crossway. A saw mill operated in the Don Valley in what is now the Donalda Club area. Boundary History: The estate consisted of 800 acres; another 1,000 acres were leased. A bit of Donalda Club History…. Here is the Founding Executive of Donalda Club, all of whom played an important role in establishing the Club. In 1916, David Dunlap, a wealthy mining executive bought 600 acres along the Don Valley by the developing city of Toronto, Ontario. Photos and transcription by contributor Wayne Adam - Posted October, 2011. donalda club and golf course In the North-West corner of the community is the area known as Graydon, which is constructed up on hillside grounds and is home to the Donalda Golf course, one of the most prestigious family-oriented multi-activity golf and country clubs in Toronto. The Lutheran Church was established in 1905 in the rural area of Donalda with services being held at a local residence. At a former mill on the lands of the Donalda Golf and Country Club, off Bushbury Drive, east and south of the intersection of Don Mills Road and … Earlier that year, on March 30, 1960 the fledgling Club had held its first Annual General Meeting of Members, attended by about 300 members. Gray Mill and Donalda Cattle Barn. Donalda Club has 4 sheets of curling ice that offers both club members and seasonal members a facility that is second to none. Current Use of Property: Most is occupied by a golf club and the balance is parkland. From reading any historical material about Donalda’s early days, including Jim Miller’s fascinating book “The Founding of Donalda Club” (1984), it becomes clear that Donalda’s development was closely linked with the development of the new suburb of Don Mills. Later, another woolen mill was located on the east branch of the Don where the Don Mills Ski Club was located. Club: Saugeen Track Club: Donalda Duprey-Abadie (born 1 March 1967 in Fredericton, New Brunswick) is a Canadian retired athlete who specialised in the hurdling events. Donalda opened in 1960, so this is our 60th Birthday year and we are celebrating this important milestone. Come join the Curling fun at the Donalda, Donalda Club, where you can join a team, learn how to curl, and learn more about this great olympic sport! Historical Description: David Dunlap was born in 1862 in Pembroke, Ontario, where he received his initial education. Inaugurated in 1960 as the Donalda Club, this piece of property has a much longer pedigree of family values and as a place of refuge. Source: Jim Miller, “The Founding of the Donalda Club,” 1984 A PDF file of this book is accessible to members on the website under Club History. Club Information If you are looking for something new to shorten the long winter months then curling at Donalda Club is what you want. By opening day in November 1960 the goal had been attained. The actual church was built in 1912 with the addition of a United Church in 1919.

donalda club history

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